Chalk™ 0.2.0 has been released

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Chalk™ 0.2.0 has been released

It's been a bit more than two weeks since we launched our open source project Chalk, and we've been floored with the response.

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We've heard rave reviews from several large companies planning to deploy at scale, and many other people who have told us they're planning to try it soon.

Chalk seems to resonate because it not only gives people visibility that solves a huge pain point for them, but that we make it as easy as possible. For instance, we worked hard to make sure that it had to be set up once, then people wouldn't have to remember to use it; it just happens. And we made sure that you can apply Chalk to entire build systems, instead of having to deploy one repo at a time.

See how *easy* it is, with our recipe for building an application inventory, or our recipe for easily doing SBOMs, signing and build provenance:

We also made sure that there's a lot of power and configurability, but we have strived to make that dirt simple as well.

With this release, we now added a system that allows you to load and tweak other configurations, without ever having to touch a configuration file. Instead, we give you reasonable defaults, and prompt you for any changes. This will evolve into a marketplace interface before Chalk 1.0.

There have been plenty of other great additions. For instance, we've heard from several enterprises that it's incredibly valuable for them to know what cloud environments workloads are running in, when using Chalk to wrap their workloads. We've added the ability to collect metadata from GCP and Azure workloads. And, in AWS we now report on which environment we're running (e.g., ECS, EKS, EC2).

Thanks again to everyone for their support to date. For the next release, we're targeting proper support for multi-platform builds (right now, they build but don't use Chalk). And we've got a long roadmap behind it, like finishing up our initial UI around it.

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