One line of configuration in your CI/CD

Add a single line to your build script and we will automatically collect and inject metadata into every build artifact. Source code, binaries and containers.

$ ./bin/chalk docker build -t chalk:latest .

Configure metadata you want to collect

Choose from pre-built policies, hundreds of metadata types, or create your own. You can even auto-deploy your own collection tools.

Enrich your data with prebuilt integrations

Get better context by connecting popular developer, security and infrastructure tools.

Query the graph

Using the graph, ask interactive questions with the built-in query editor, or create alerts and reports using the API.

    query services(filter: { name: { startsWith: "prod" } }) {
      repositories {

Send your results anywhere

Use the API to send the results to the destination of your choice including issue trackers, incident management tools and data analytics systems.