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Application Inventory Management

  • Model code and cloud services into real world applications

  • Tracks all developer, build and deployment changes

  • Automatically updates with any activity


Code and Cloud Native Relationships

  • Understand what code repos are running in production

  • Know how applications are built and if you can trust the builds

  • Know what version of code has been deployed at any time


Track Development Changes

  • Live stream of events across the development process

  • Understand changes from each commit, build and deployment

  • Investigate issues knowing the exact state of everything


Developer First

  • Friction free deployment across entire orgnizations

  • GraphQL queries and developer API

  • No overheard to performance

plug integrations

Easy Integrations

  • Works with GitHub and GitLab

  • Connects to AWS. More clouds coming

  • Works with all CI / CD and build systems

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