Crash Override is a company that develops a cloud platform that provides observability for the software engineering lifecycle.

You can register to use our cloud platform while it is in beta at, or contact us at anytime using We expect the platform to be generally available in late 2024.


Our flagship open-source project is called Chalk. Full documentation can be found on this site, and is available directly inside the CLI.

We provide binary releases for our open-source projects at

We welcome contributions to our open-source projects. You can find more information at

How-To Guides

Our How-To Guides at provide recipes to solve specific problems. There are guides for platform teams and security teams.

Ideas and Feedback

We are constantly learning about emerging use cases and are always interested in hearing about how others are using pour technology. If you would like to talk, please get in touch using

Help and Support

If you need additional help, or would like a demo of the cloud platform, then please contact us using

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We operate a newsletter that is sent periodically when we have something interesting to say. This includes information about new product features. You can sign up from our homepage, You can also follow our blog at